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Wait it out for better results...

Instant Gratification vs Delayed Gratification

Whilst the instant high gained from eating a cookie feels great for ten seconds or so (maybe 20 if it's extra chunky), the effects down the line are almost entirely negative;

1) Empty calories

2) Feelings of regret

3) Feeding the addiction loop so you'll want 'Just one more!'

4) Weight gain

Now if you don't eat the cookie the instant gratification and wondrous taste are admittedly missed out on, but the effects down the line are much more positive;

1) Satisfaction from resisting the temporary urge

2) No empty calories

3) No weight gain

4) The chance to choose a better option to nourish your body

5) Saved about £5 if the cookie is from somewhere in London🤣

This is of course 'Instant vs Delayed Gratification' on a small scale, but if you can help/change your mindset to see the effects down the line of your choices before diving in, the accumulative benefit can be enormous!

Applying this thought process consistently before choices on what to eat or whether to exercise can have a huge and positive effect in the long run.


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