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The Rower - Reasons to jump on board...

The rowing ergometer is a staple at most gyms now countrywide and it's certainly increased in popularity with the rise of Crossfit, but why should you stick with it...?⁣

💪 The rower gets your heart pumping and involves nearly all the muscles in your body, from your quadriceps on the initial drive to your upper back to finish the pull!⁣

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Everyone can give it a go, the row erg is adaptable to all ages and levels and can give you either a nice little workout or a seriously intense session depending on how you want to pace yourself!⁣

🕴 It's low impact. Whilst rowing on the erg can give you a really intense workout, the actual impact on your joints is low and it can be used daily.⁣

🚲 The rower can be a great change of pace if you're used to cycling or running as your primary forms of cardio.⁣

❤ The cardiovascular benefits of rowing regularly are huge and it can really help to drive your fitness levels upwards!⁣

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