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The Pigeon Stretch - Why it's necessary...

In addition to our previous post on the couch stretch, another great stretch for the hips is the pigeon stretch. 💥


Why? 🤔

1️⃣ May improve digestion - through light stretching of the lower abdomen.

2️⃣ Stretches common tight areas such as the lower back, hip flexors, glutes.

3️⃣ Reduces risk of injury.

4️⃣ May discover hip imbalances due to working one side at a time.


How? 📝

1️⃣ Start in a standing split lunge position, then slowly lower your front leg towards the ground until it reaches 90 degrees. Use your hands on the floor to assist you.

2️⃣ Keeping your hands pressed into the floor, drive your chest up and over the front knee, whilst pushing your tailbone back.

3️⃣ Think about pushing your tailbone back and feel a deep stretch in your glutes.

4️⃣ OPTIONAL - rotate your torso into the direction of your front knee for a deeper stretch.

5️⃣ Relax into 2s/4s inhale/exhale breathing; HOLD FOR 2 MINS.

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