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The Couch Stretch - Why it's necessary...

If there is one stretch I get the majority of my clients to do, it would be the couch stretch. I’m not sure why it’s called this, but I can only assume it’s because you can do it using a couch and therefore there are no excuses. 👀


Why? 🤔

1️⃣ Decrease Hip Flexor Muscle Tightness

2️⃣ Decrease Thigh Stiffness

3️⃣ Decrease Front Hip Capsule Stiffness

4️⃣ Decrease TFL Tightness

✅ Resulting In Less Back Pain

✅ Resulting In Less Knee Pain

✅ Resulting In Better Pelvic Position

✅ Optimal Muscle Function - Less Imbalances


How To Perform? 📝

1️⃣ Place knee into floor next to couch/wall/seat as close as you can. Have your other foot on the ground at a comfortable distance.

2️⃣ Back straight, lean forward, squeeze glutes and extend hip forward.

3️⃣ Bring trunk more upright and your bottom back towards your back foot, extend through your HIP not your LOWER BACK.

4️⃣ Relax your breathing and hold for 2 MINUTES.

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