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Train For Your Upcoming HYROX at REVIVAL

Rev up your training for upcoming HYROX events at REVIVAL Personal Training! Our studios are fully equipped to help you conquer the challenges of HYROX, whether you're a seasoned competitor or a first-time participant.


We offer all the equipment required for you to prepare for your HYROX event; sled push/pull, ski ergs, row ergs etc. We also have an Assault Runner to help you prepare for the 8km if the weather isn't looking great!


Join us at REVIVAL in Hammersmith, West London and take your HYROX preparation to the next level. Unleash your potential, ignite your passion, and achieve your HYROX goals with us!

Equipment at REVIVAL

1) Concept 2 Ski Erg

2) Sled Push

3) Sled Pull

4) Burpee Broad Jump

5) Concept 2 Row Erg

6) Farmers Carry

7) Walking Lunge

8) Wall Wall

REVIVAL also hosts an Assault Fitness Assault Runner for you to get the running km's in no matter the weather!

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Looking for a Personal Trainer in West London?

Hammersmith · Chiswick · Fulham · Shepherds Bush

The choice of personal trainers & coaches is REVIVAL. 

If you would like to get in touch with one of the Personal Trainers or Therapists using REVIVAL, please fill in the form below, email or call us if you'd like further details;

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Benefits of Personal Training in Reaching your Fitness Goals

Tailored Goals

One of the key benefits you enjoy from personal training is the ability to set and work towards personalised fitness goals. Personal trainers can help you define your goals and develop a tailored plan, whether it's weight loss, boxing, building muscle, enhancing agility, or improving your overall health and fitness.

Expert Support

Personal trainers are experts in their field and can provide guidance and support to help you achieve your dream, whether for fitness testing, weight training or body sculpting. They can help you avoid injury by teaching you proper form and technique and offering guidance on weight management, nutrition, and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

Transform Your Body

Personal training can help you transform your body by providing a customised exercise program tailored to your needs and goals. You get to enjoy professional nutrition and weight management. Whether you want to build strength, improve your cardiovascular health, or enhance your core conditioning, a personal trainer can help you get there faster and with more tremendous success.


Personal training can also benefit the health of those recovering from injury or illness. Trainers can provide rehabilitation exercises to help you recover and regain strength and flexibility after an injury or surgery.


Personal trainers can help keep you accountable and on track with your fitness goals. They can provide motivation and support to keep you focused and help you stay on track with your workouts, even when you feel tired or discouraged.

Access to Equipment

Through personal training sessions, you will have access to a wide range of equipment and resources to help you achieve your desired shape with speed. 

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