Updated: Dec 9, 2020


We're extremely excited to let you know that we'll be opening a second studio located next

door to our current location!

Revival aims to open Studio 2 (Arch 78) in the new year with February 1st the intended day of opening.

With the opening of the second studio Revival will continue to offer the same well equipped and capped numbers Personal Training service it does currently, but also now with the potential to offer/offer increased numbers of;

• One to One PT slots

• Small Group PT slots (2, 3-1 etc)

• Class Rental Space - for all those PT's and Instructors who are looking for a place to hold their own classes!

• Single/Multi-day Course/Seminar Rental

• Photoshoot/Filming Rental

If you're a Personal Trainer who wants to know more please use the DM button to get in touch!

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