The ATG Split Squat - Why they're worth a try...

Following on from last weeks post on the anterior tibialis, we’re looking at another move to bulletproof the ankle, knees and hips in one. Special thanks to @kneesovertoesguy for this one.


Clients tend to get in issues with their knee, ankle and hip. Sometimes a mobility restriction issue, sometimes a strength and coordination issue. The good thing about a move like this is we’re taking the ankle, knee and hip through a full range of motion under control. 😍


Technique 📝

1️⃣ Form a split stance position like in the video, find a comfortable position with the feet, this can vary from person to person.

2️⃣ Squeeze back glute whilst extending hip, keeping chest tall, drive your knee past your toe into YOUR comfortable full range motion. (Think deep lunge)

3️⃣ In an ideal scenario you want your hamstring of the front leg to touch your calf with the foot flat on the ground. If you need to elevate your heel to start, that’s okay.

4️⃣ On the way up, flex your anterior tibialis (pulling toe into knee) as well as your quads to pull yourself into the starting position (straight leg)


Slide across for the video, so you can understand the technical cues visually. 🙏

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