Rest Days - When to take them...

It’s extremely important to take rest days during your intense physical/mental workouts in the week. We do this to avoid burnout and progress rather than regress in our performance. 💥


Signs you should take a rest? 🤷‍♂️

1️⃣ Persistent muscle pain/soreness

2️⃣ Poor sleep (quantify with Oura, whoop etc)

3️⃣ Increased incidence of injury/illness

4️⃣ Inability to complete workouts

5️⃣ Changes in mood (irritable, insomnia)


Our Tips 👨‍🔧

1️⃣ Active recovery - low intensity walk to keep blood flowing and optimise recovery.

2️⃣ Sunlight - optimise sleep, ideally pair it with number 1. ☀️

3️⃣ Mobility - foam rolling/static stretching - reduce DOMs and help you get back to training faster.

4️⃣ Nutrition - Low inflammatory diet consisting of high quality protein, fibre and less processed foods.

5️⃣ Recovery - As a last resort you could invest in your body’s recovery with things like cryotherapy, sports massage, red light therapy etc.


Believe it or not, even the top CrossFit guys rest at times. Know your body and know when to hold back so you can perform better instead of worse. 🧠


Train smarter, not harder.

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