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Winter Training - How to approach...

I’m sure you fall into the vast majority that gets demotivated to train and do other productive things when the temperature drops. 🥶


Here our some of our cold weather training tips:

1️⃣ Longer Warm Ups - Invest more time in warming your body up, this will reduce risk of injury and increase your performance.

2️⃣ Move more - this seems obvious. After training in the cold, your body cools down very quickly. Therefore sitting down or being sedentary straight after a workout will cause stiffness and potentially muscle cramps. 🧓🏻

3️⃣ Dress appropriately - begin your training with easy to remove layers and then you can take them off as your body temperature adjusts. 🧤

4️⃣ Eat plenty of fruit+veg - flu season is arriving so flood your system with antioxidants in order to stay in great health.

5️⃣ Training timing - try and train morning/noon as it’s the warmest whilst also has the most sun exposure. Allowing you to stimulate production of vitamin D, which I think the vast majority are deficient in.


Move more, stay warm, feel better. 📈

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