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Time to Simplify?


With people going back to work in the office post summer/COVID, kids going back to school and everything in general ramping back up again now it’s September, life can get a bit hectic and things can be all over the place.⁣

To keep in check with your health and fitness goals now could be a great time to simplify your approach.⁣



📍Pick two mobility exercises for your most problematic areas, do them before every session.⁣

📍Pick two opposing strength movements (e.g. Press up and Ring Row, Goblet Squat and Dumbbell RDL) and perform four sets of ten reps on each.⁣

📍Pick two-three cardio exercises (e.g. Slam Ball, Run and Forearm Plank) and alternate between them at challenging yet manageable intervals for between 10-20 minutes depending on where you’re at.⁣



📍Pick a calorie goal, don’t go over it.⁣

📍Pick a protein source with each meal.⁣

📍Drink 500ml of water four times per day.💧⁣

📍Eat three pieces of fruit.⁣


You don’t need to be perfect but it’s important to move every day and stick to a diet that’s healthy the majority of the time.⁣

Simplifying things down to a level where the thought process is reduced can allow you the mental energy to focus on things which may need a little more attention at a hectic time.⁣

*Note – don’t eat all your calories in chocolate!⁣😁

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