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REVIVAL Recovery - Now Open!

We’re very excited to let you know that we’ll be opening our new Recovery-based studio in January alongside our two personal training studios already in place next door.

We'll be offering;

• Physiotherapy/Massage Room Rental

• Private Hot/Cold Therapy Room Rental (Sauna/Ice Bath)

• Private 1-1 Reformer Pilates Room Rental

• Use of the two fully equipped Personal Training studios next door for training/rehab with clients

• Workspace with W

ifi access

We'd love for you to come down and check our the new studio to see if you and your clients would like to utilise what we have on offer!

*Intro Pack Offers*

5 Hours/300 minutes - £49

10 Hours/600 minutes - £99

*Minimum 30 minute sessions, ascending in 15 minute increments.

The Recovery studio is nearing completion currently, if you'd like to come down to Revival please feel free to get in touch anytime and take a look around the studios.

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